Network Administrative Services was founded in 1999; we specialize in understanding your business and becoming a seamless partner when it comes to handling all aspects of your technical and network needs.

We have separated ourselves from the competition with the ability to design a support structure where the customer service levels and interpersonal approach of our engineers are considered as important as the technical advice they provide.

We help small businesses to stretch their IT budget, or assist larger organizations in expanding operations.  Network Administrative Services has a proven balance of prudent IT planning and efficient technical consulting that can accomplish the goals set by our clients.

Our senior engineer Dan has worked at Intel and Weyerhaeuser on their server team managing server farms, thin client environments and more.

We are a based out of Northeast Tacoma and serve over 160 clients with the majority of them being in the south Puget Sound.  We service car dealerships, construction companies, waste management, property management, financial firms, medical/dental, real estate companies, and non-profits to name a few.  We help these organizations with network design, maintenance, and implementation of network topologies including Server (NT-2008), Exchange, Terminal Server, Citrix, message archiving, and data protection.

We look forward to hearing from you,